Alma do Corpo Studio

Alma do Corpo Studio is a holistic Oriental Dance project, the result of over 20 years dance teaching experience.
Although Tânia Luiz specialized in Turkish Oriental Dance, her contact with other dance forms such as Butoh, Contemporary Dance, Romani dance, Martial Arts and Yoga, as well as an eclectic music taste, has naturally led to
a very personal approach to Oriental Dance, with the moto that Dance must mold itself through the teacher in order to reach the student, and not the other way around, which leads to adult students feeling inadequate very often. On the other hand, Tânia´s teaching technique provides a safe and fun environment where to experiment and to improvise, allowing the student to explore her own body and feelings at her own pace, stepping out of the box when she is ready to do so. Tânia´s lessons are full of energy, always containing a clear and thorough warm up, technical exercises, small combos, a more complex combo which leads to the climax, improvisation time and finally the final stretching.

This project is taught online and in studio setting. For more information, please use the contact page to send me a message.

Cloud Foot: Happy Dancing Kids

Happy Dancing Kids is a creative, holistic dance program for preschool children, aged between 3 and 6.
Using a gentle technique based on the basic gross motor skills associated with the age group in general, this
program uses classical music, jazz and world music with a firm belief that children react spontaneously to all kinds of music, not only “infantile music”. Exploration of space, time, levels, body parts and work in pairs or in group as well as individually is a means to promote imagination, story telling, and individual creativity as well as cooperation with others. The objective is the exploration of the natural movement in children, rather than teaching them a formal and rigid technique, something that is not recommended at this tender stage of life, be it physically or mentally. Tânia has studied the basis of modern, contemporary and creative dance at university (FMH) and has recently obtained her Montessori classroom assistant diploma (ages 3-6) with IMI institute. All this, combined with the dance sessions at home with her 4 year old son, 20+ years of dance teaching experience and all the cultural knowledge gained from extensive travel and research in dance and music, created the Cloud Foot Project, where all
children discover the dance they have within them.

For more information and bookings, please use the contact page.